Ammon Varis


Notes on Ammon from Miranda Leafblade, Harper Cell Leader

When most people think of warlocks, they usually imagine power-hungry, untrustworthy spellcasters willing to sell their souls for power. Ammon’s literally made a deal with the devil, but oddly enough, that’s where the warlock stereotype comes to an end for our half-elf friend. Ammon didn’t ask for this power, but he’s been conscientious about how he uses it.

He was a guard in a wizard’s tower when a devil broke loose of his bindings and compelled Ammon to slay the wizard. After that, the devil patron has never tried to control Ammon directly, although he’s naturally tried to tempt Ammon into walking down a dark path. Being bound to a devil would drive most people mad, but Ammon’s coped with the burden strangely well.

Interestingly enough, Ammon’s patron has still provided his power, even though Ammon uses his dark gifts to protect people. My best guess is that his patron thinks he can slowly corrupt Ammon, and wants him to serve of his own free will. After all, willing servants are always more useful than slaves.

Overall, I feel that Ammon, despite being under the influence of a devil lord, has good intentions. But then again, you know what they say: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I just need to make sure that’s not the road Ammon is on.

Ammon Varis

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