Arlo Vladrago


Notes on Arlo Vladrago from Miranda Leafblade, Harper Cell Leader

Some of the greatest assets of Harpers agents are discipline and a strong sword arm. Thankfully, our resident Knight-Captain, Arlo Vladrago, has both. That’s why I assigned him to oversee Rolen and Ammon, two new recruits with talent, but little discipline or regard for orders. Arlo’s had a rough life, but like dwarven steel, the fires in his life have only made him stronger.

I mean that both figuratively and literally – when he was young, a dragon named Maugus attacked his town and burnt it to the ground. His father fought bravely and smashed out a tooth (which Arlo uses as a dagger today), but was no match for the foul beast. I suspect that being the sole survivor has impacted Arlo negatively in several ways.

His fighting skill and discipline make Arlo a great soldier, but reports from his men suggest that Arlo is slow to trust others and forge meaningful emotional bonds. I worry that unless Arlo gets better at making friends, loneliness will kill him before any dragon does. This new assignment to work with Ammon and Rolen is actually for his benefit as well as theirs. If anyone can crack Arlo’s shell, it will probably be our lighthearted elven rogue and the devil-may-care warlock.

Arlo wants to avenge his Father someday, but it may be some time before he’s ready to face a dragon of Maugus’ power. In the meantime, we have plenty of enemies for Arlo to use his sword arm on.

Arlo Vladrago

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