Leo Lightbringer


Notes on Leo Lightbringer from Miranda Leafblade, Harper Cell Leader

Spellcasters have long been a crucial part of the Harper’s forces, but it’s rare for us to have a sorcerer as powerful as Leo Lightbringer in our ranks. As a Favored Soul, Leo’s magic comes directly from the gods, more specifically, Thor the God of Thunder. Favored Souls train in both the martial and arcane arts, making them worthy foes on the battlefield.

Leo looks human, except for the radiant visage and piercing eyes that hint at his aasimar heritage. As an aasimar, Leo has celestial blood in his veins. This allows him to inherently cast spells related to his celestial ancestors and help him resist special attacks employed by celestials and fields. Aside from the practical benefits, his aasimar heritage also makes him rather easy on the eyes (but if you tell him I said that, I’ll have to kill you.)

Leo grew up in a wealthy family in Waterdeep, but after his powers manifested, he apprenticed under a senior bounty hunter named Shadrack. As odd as it may seem to have a mage bounty hunter, Leo’s formidable powers often made tracking and capturing his targets child’s play. By the time he finished his training and left to pursue his own career, Leo had captured over a dozen notorious criminals.

In the years that followed, Leo grew his reputation and became known as a force to be reckoned with. He came to our attention when he and Rolen, the target he was pursing, joined forces to save the daughter of one of our Harper agents. We made him an offer and he’s been part of our group ever since, quickly advancing in the ranks to become a Harper Senior Enchanter.

Aside from his arcane might, Leo has also trained as a cleric to build a deeper relationship with his God. Because Leo is an acolyte of Thor, he can amplify his lightning magic to a greater level than normal mages. He’s experimented with his powers and created several unique spells that are guaranteed to shock you. Bad joke, but in all seriousness, I’ve seen him wipe out an entire platoon with one well-placed spell. We’re fortunate that just as his celestial heritage suggests, Leo is on the side of the angels.

“Most spell casters have absolutely no street smarts. Not so with Leo. You know what’s worse than a highly-skilled, heavily armed bounty hunter? A highly-skilled, heavily armed bounty hunter that can also use magic to blast your face off.” – Enzi, recently deceased Waterdeep assassin.


Leo Lightbringer

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