Miranda Leafblade


Notes on Miranda Leafblade from Berstork Blacksong, Senior Harper

Miranda Leafblade is one of the most cunning and resourceful agents that have joined the ranks of the Harpers. Miranda grew up in a wealthy home in Neverwinter, but she left it all behind to become an adventurer and shut down smuggling rings for children along the Sword Coast. Her success made her many enemies, and also many allies. After all, her reputation helped us find and recruit her.

Miranda can handle herself in a fight, but her true gift is the ability to recruit and train new members of our order. Time after time again, she’s been given Harper members that we thought would only be good for cannon fodder – yet each time, she’s whipped them into a formidable task force. She has an eye for talent and a reputation for being an excellent judge of character.

If we didn’t respect her judgement so much, there would be severe consequences for several new recruits whose behavior has been…less than exemplary. To my colleagues reading this, I doubt that I need to drop names. If it wasn’t for Miranda, I suspect there’s a particular devil-worshipping warlock that would have been burned at the stake a long time ago.

Miranda Leafblade

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