Erlan Olatoris


Notes on Erlan Olatoris from Miranda Leafblade, Harper Cell Leader

Because the Harpers prefer to operate from the shadows, it’s important for us to make friends in low places. Never has this been truer than our working relationship with Erlan, an elf with valuable fringe contacts. He’s a cutthroat and a mercenary, but his love of gold makes him easy to manipulate.

I recently learned that he has some history with our resident thief, Rolen. Apparently, they used to belong to the same elven clan and thieve’s guild before Rolen cleaned up his act. I’m not sure how Erlan feels about his former colleague walking the straight and narrow path, but for now, he seems willing enough to feed information to us – for the right price, of course.

Recently, Erlan decided to join the Harpers and now acts as our spymaster. Apparently, a talk with Rolen had quite the impact on him, and he decided to serve a cause greater than petty thievery. I hope this works out.

Erlan Olatoris

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