Rolen Galandel


Notes on Rolen from Miranda Leafblade, Harper Cell Leader

When I allowed Rolen to join the Harpers, there were many of my colleagues who objected because of his reputation. In all fairness, the other Harpers had good reason to object – Rolen was a master thief who cared for no one except himself. He was living a carefree, wild lifestyle when the bounty hunter Leo Lightbringer tracked him down to a small inn.

Despite Leo’s skill, Rolen would have probably gotten away, if he wasn’t influenced by something he ignored for many years: His conscience. There was a young girl taken hostage by a group of thugs, who had kidnapped her to gain leverage over her father, a high-ranking Harper agent. Leo abandoned his pursuit to save the girl, and with little hesitation, Rolen jumped in to help as well. If it wasn’t for Rolen’s trickery, that poor girl would have probably had her throat slashed open.

After the battle, our agent was so impressed, he offered both Leo and Rolen membership into the Harpers. To the shock of everyone present, Rolen accepted, and he’s been with our organization never since. Rolen claims he’s a reformed thief, but I’ve noticed that people’s valuables go missing whenever he stops back at headquarters for an extended time. When he’s around me, I need to make sure he keeps his hands where I can see them.

Rolen Galandel

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