Ryu, the Dragonborn Monk


Notes on Ryu from Leo Lightbringer, Harper Senior Enchanter

In my years adventuring, I’ve met many heroes. However, I’ve only met a few who could be called legends. The dragonborn monk Ryu, who I’m honored to call a friend, easily fits within the latter category.

Ryu’s skill, both on and off the battlefield, is unparalleled. In the short few months that I’ve traveled with this dragonborn warrior, I’ve seen him execute the following feats:

• From his hippogriff mount, jump more than 60 feet onto a manticore and punch it to death in mid-air.
• Interrogate an orc prisoner and learn to speak his language in less than five minutes.
• Using only the most basic tools, custom tailored a human-sized robe to fit a Halfling within only ten minutes.

I don’t understand how one person can be so incredibly skilled, but Ryu’s prowess quickly became legendary among our bold group of adventurers. As a monk, Ryu strongly believes in balance and in protecting all living things, which is probably why he’s a member of the Emerald Enclave. Their goals might be different from the Harpers, but they are certainly no less important.

On a personal note, Ryu once told me that he was separated from his dragonborn clan and wants to find them someday. I hope that Ryu will be able to track them down – I would hate to see such a noble and honorable soul separated from his loved ones.

I would have enjoyed continuing to travel with him, but after our adventures with the elemental cultists, Ryu had a quest of a personal nature come up and I have not seen him in many months. If you ever see him, know that he would be a valuable and valiant traveling companion for your party.

Ryu, the Dragonborn Monk

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