Torbek Relmar


Notes on Torbek from Leo Lightbringer, Harper Senior Enchanter

I first met Torbek when my friends and I were tracking down an elemental cult. My first impression of Torbek was that he was an uncharismatic, childish lout. After traveling with him for several months, my second impression was essentially the same.

Still, what Torbek lacks in charm, he somewhat makes up for with his formidable combat and spellcasting prowess. As a follower of Moradin, Torbek specializes in healing and is more effective than the average cleric in patching up wounds. Since we adventurers live a rough lifestyle, someone like Torbek can be a valuable ally.

Even for a dwarf, Torbek has a striking obsession over finding dwarven artifacts. He once found a minor enchanted dagger, and refused to let anyone use it. He kept it in his pack and did nothing with it. We got into a fight with a wereboar that was impervious to non-magical weapons, and Torbek still refused to throw the blasted dagger to someone who could put it to good use. Thankfully, my magic ended the fight before someone was killed, but it was still unwise to hoard the dagger.

In all fairness, Torbek seemed to be a just and honorable warrior. However, because he’s so difficult to get along with, I’m happy to see Torbek putting his talents to use elsewhere. I just can’t see eye to eye with that dwarf – not even if I found him a box to stand on.

Torbek Relmar

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