Marahtos, Dragonborn Paladin


Letter to Arlo Vladrago, Harper Knight-Captain from Miranda Leafblade, Harper Cell Leader


The Dragonborn are powerful allies, but it’s rare to see them in human lands – let alone having one petition to join the Harpers. As you can imagine, it turned quite a few heads to see Marahtos, a silver dragonborn paladin, boldly enter Neverwinter and inquire about our organization.

Naturally, we did an investigation of Marahtos and learned that for a paladin, he’s made some questionable decisions. He was exiled from his noble house for conspiring against his own Father. After his exile, he went underground and associated with the darker elements of society. We’re not quite sure what happened, but in the years that followed, Marahtos became a paladin of considerable skill, choosing to follow the oath of vengeance.

With such a shady past, I considered rejecting Marahtos on the spot, but I decided to give him a chance for my own reasons. People, even Dragonborn, can change their ways. Many Harper agents have started out as self-serving, greedy rogues, yet find their hearts changing as they provide service to our organization. Also, it’s clear that to a certain extent, our goals align – I believe Marahtos was sincere when he said he wanted to build a better society and tear down those who abuse their power.

Nonetheless, it would be wise to keep an eye on Marahtos. My instincts tell me that he will do anything and sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals. It’s commonly said that we should keep our friends close and our enemies closer. Only time will tell which category Marahtos will fall into.


Miranda Leafblade

Marahtos, Dragonborn Paladin

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